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Your IP Address is

IP Country Code US
IP Country Name United States
IP Region Name Virginia
IP City Name Ashburn
IP ZIP Code 20146
IP Latitude 39.043720245361
IP Longitude -77.487487792969
IP Time Zone UTC -04:00
IP Location Map Geolocation

Static IP or Dynamic IP?

When you check your IP address with us, we store your IP in a cookie on your computer (we don't keep any information on our server).

During your next visit, we display your previous IP alongside with your current IP address.

If your IP address has changed, that means your IP is dynamic. If it has not changed, that means you MAY have a static IP. Allocation of your IP may vary depending on you internet provider.

If you turn off your computer and your router/wifi and your IP has not changed when you come back, there is a good chance your IP is static (fixed).

Even if having a static IP is not recommended anymore, it may be useful if you host websites or game servers on your computer.

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